You don’t have to take our word for it.

We love being with y'all. Always feel safe and taken care of.

Dylan JonesFonco Creative Services

Every time I leave a voicemail or send an email to Rick with a question or request, I receive a response immediately. If response is not received immediately, he responds in less than 24 hours.

Carmen Ongsing

If I'm about to miss a payment, you go out of your way and take the time to back me up and notify me so I can get it done on time.

Thomas Ivo

Royce is awesome and always there to help me with any questions or concerns. Royce is very knowledgeable and has taught me a lot.

Jocelyn Gage

Knauf Maxwell Ins Services has provided coverage for us for many years. We can rest-assured that we are getting the best rates and excellent policy coverages along with being offered a variety of plans. Darren is fantastic to work with and makes our renewals easy. He is a true asset to Knauf Maxwell Ins Services.

Felicia EwellReback, McAndrews & Blessey, LLP

I appreciate the quick response and excellent customer service. We like the fact that KM insurance understands our unique business model and works with us to provide best coverage for our business.

Ewa Katz

For over 30+ years, Knauf Insurance, Bill and his staff, have always looked out for our best interests regarding all of our insurance needs from business to property. From making sure we have the right coverage to right dollar values to finding the best insurance companies to provide policy coverage to finding the best premium cost to always being there to answer any question we have had - Knauf Insurance has been a very important and much needed company in dealing with all the insurance needs a business owner, property owner or home owner have.

Charles Glazer

The customer service we received from Darren and Tim is second to none. We really appreciate all that both of them do to support our account.

George G.

Even during these difficult time’s getting insurance coverage, Julie goes out of her way to keep me covered! Thank You!

Cheryl Jackson

quick responses, best rates, always friendly and polite agents.

Steven Archer

Working with Knauf Maxwell, especially with Elina, has been such an effortless and efficient process in obtaining our insurance policies and renewals each year. In addition, requests that come up within the year are always answered within a couple hours and Elina is such a pleasure to work with. Thank you!!!

Nance RuizTemple Bnai Torah

Since Lyssa Hebert has been my agent, I have been extremely happy. Her service is outstanding. Before Lyssa, I was totally dissatisfied and had started to look at other options to replace Arroyo. My only concern would be if Lyssa were to leave and I might be back to someone who was negligent.

Rhoda Coleman

Knauf Maxwell has worked closely with me, listened to my firm's needs, and made great insurance recommendations to us. The team has a lot of experience and is very knowledgeable, as is obvious from our interactions.

Brett Trueman

Angela has always been very helpful responsive to my questions and requests for quotes and information. Thank you for your help, Angela.

Tom Evans

Tracy at Knauf Maxwell Insurance Services is the best agent I have ever worked with. She’s quick to respond, comprehensive, takes the time to answer my questions, and is an all-around amazing person, too.

Katrina Barlow

Knauf Maxwell Insurance services are always available for phone calls and they are thoughtful and always ready to answer questions when further explanation is needed.

Liz Jinzo

I have already referred clients to you. I appreciate the ability to bundle and that Knauf Maxwell will look for competitive products that fit my specific needs. On more than one occasion, I have also had checkup calls, and I appreciate the personal approach from Management like Juliann Balla, who I have learned to really trust over the years.

Michael Thelen

Every time I call with a problem you’re always there to help me out and put me at ease. You guys are great and I’m so proud that there’s people like you that’s there for people like me, that doesn’t understand the process clearly. I thank you, so very much for being in my corner. God bless you Lyssa you the best! I’m Grateful to all of you.

Cynthia Coleman

Knauf Maxell does everything right! I love the personal attention they provide!

Jennifer Skare

The entire KM team was very responsive to our urgent need to find insurance for a property in escrow. The process couldn't have been easier.

Joseph Healy

Excellent responses to claims and services. Never had any conflicts with the aforementioned. The ease at making policy changes.

Evey Fong

Angela is always very responsive. We've been very happy with her!

Mara Buttleman

Sam Maxwell and Lori Nagle were amazing to work with and worked tirelessly in securing D&O insurance for our nonprofit. It was a difficult task because of the nature of our nonprofit (i.e., being a 501(c)4, a new venture and our advocacy activities). Although all the major markets declined insuring us, they were able to obtain coverage for us through the surplus lines market. They were quick to respond to all our emails and telephone calls throughout the entire process and continually followed up with us. We are extremely happy with the end result and would highly recommend Knauf Maxwell to anyone requiring insurance coverage.

Rita Silverman

Tracy has very clear communication, able to answer my questions and help me feel confident in changing my insurance. Having a dedicated rep is also a bonus who professional and easy to talk too.

Kristoffer Mitchell

Lyssa Hebert is fantastic! Always extremely knowledgeable and helpful. professional and easy to talk too.

Ronald Smith

As a principal owner of a 48 year old bookkeeping service, we are often tasked with the responsibility of finding various types of insurance policies, both personal and business, that meet the specific needs of our clients. Approximately 6 years ago when my previous insurance agent retired, she recommended that going forward we use Elina Greenberg as our new agent because of her work ethic, experience, knowledge and responsiveness. I am so grateful for Elina and her team at Knauf Maxwell who have provided unsurpassed support and customer service! With Elina's guidance, we are able to provide insurance coverage from various carriers that is competitively priced and meets the specific goals and criteria that is unique to each and every client. I have no hesitation in recommending Knauf Maxwell for all of your insurance needs.

Jo HileyAccutab Business Services, Inc.

Juliann is like a doctor of insurance. She wrote down all my symptoms, diagnosed the problem and wrote a prescription that solved the problem! Outstanding service!

Andrew Rawson

Personal service and understanding our specific business so we aren’t just provided with a blanket policy.

Robert GlucroftGlucroft Investigations, Inc.

If I have any questions about my insurance, I know I can call Angela. She is always helpful and if she doesn't have the answer at the time, she gets back to me in a timely manner.

Gary Hatley

We appreciate the great customer service, and proactive management of our insurance strategy.

Francis MohajerinAAA Beverage, LLC

I appreciate the professional, courteous and kind communication that we always receive from Lori and Bill. They always take the time to answer all of my questions and make me feel confident in our various insurance coverage. I consider them an important part of our business.

Jessica Williams

Sam Maxwell and Elina Greenberg have been absolutely amazing through all of our insurance needs. Many thanks to you both and the team for your continued service.

Nick Dickinson

I have confidence you are careful To get me the best price and coverage. You respond promptly to my questions.

Laurinda Keys

I have been Angela Lucero's client for more than 20 years. She has ALWAYS treated me, my family and other friends who I recommended in the upmost professional way possible. Wherever Angela goes, we'll go. Thanks Angela!

Jose Escobar

Knauf, and specifically Rick Ampudia is responsive and always willing to go the extra mile for their customers. Rick is very knowledgeable and clearly explains things, giving his clients the best possible options. I have been a client for many years and they have never let me down. I have peace of mind knowing they will strive to provide the best customer service and competitive rates.

Leslie Rosado

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