Business Insurance

We take pride in the client relationships we have built over more than eight decades. Our motto stays the same; we will always place the interest of you, our client, first.

Business Insurance

We enjoy working with all types of companies, including providing expertise to start-ups looking for budget-conscious solutions in the early years. We love educating owners and management on their needs as a company grows.

General Liability
Landlord Liability
Umbrella / Excess Liability
Recall Liability
Product Liability
Pollution Liability

Business Personal Property
Equipment and Inventory/Stock
Property of Others
Crime/Employee Dishonesty
Loss of Income / Profits
Installation Floater (contractors)

Inland Marine
Ocean Marine
Stock Throughput
Motor Truck Cargo (truckers)

Automobile Liability / Bodily Injury & Property Damage
Physical Damage Coverage
Mobile Equipment
Specialized Transport

Stop Work Comp Fraud
Employee Injury
Employers Liability
Stop Gap Coverage for Monopolistic States

Financial Loss Due to Mistake or Error
Medical Malpractice
Directors & Officers Liability
Employment Practices Liability

Cyber Crime
Wire Transfer Fraud
Spread of Virus to Customers
Damage to computer systems
Loss of Income/Contingent Business Income

Alternative Risk Management
Captive Insurance Solutions
High Deductible/Self Insured Plans

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We provide all our clients with individualized attention and customized plans that are built upon our deep industry expertise. Breathe a sigh of relief; because we’ve got this.

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